Customs legislation is in constant evolution creating the need of an informed team that can ensure that your business stays compliant. Our customs consulting service integrates with our shipping and logistics to make the supply chain services truly complete. 

Our professional staff will help you in addressing complex international trade laws and regulations. We have more than 100 years combined experience in the industry, as well as long-lasting relationships with reliable international partners to provide the Customs clearance process in various countries around the globe 

Delays in customs clearance can prolong the timeframe of your shipment and add unnecessary costs.

Key Benefits of Customs Service with Gava

Customs clearance around the globe so that your cargo can move smoothly to the final destination.
Electronic clearance while goods are in transit.
Consulting services to accurately evaluate duties and charges.
Assistance with explanation of customs procedures and regulations.
Tariff, tax, and duty advice.
International Market Consultation.
Interface with Local Authorities.
Operational Assistance (Certifications, documentations).
Comprehensive documentation review.
Customs Duty Analysis and Planning.
Temporary imports and carnet shipments.
Duty drawbacks.