Finance, Compliance, Logistics and other Groups within your organization share responsibility in managing risk, each group will however often address risks from different perspectives. Most Clients are unaware that the transportation Carriers have limited legal liability for damage caused to your products, often well below the value of your cargo. In certain cases, they may not be liable for the damage or for the loss at all. Our Insurance coverage service focus on the transportation and supply chain intermediary component to ensure you gain maximum rewards from your overall risk management program. We offer you the opportunity to fully secure your cargo during transportation through the combined services of a leading global insurance broker and internationally acclaimed and financially strong rated insurance companies. In addition to superior coverage, this will gain you access to a global network of insurance expertise at a competitive price. With our Cargo insurance, our customers know their goods are in the safest hands.

Key Benefits of Customs Service with Gava

Port-to-port or door-to-door coverage.
Coverage for war, terrorism, piracy and Acts of God.
Broad “All Risks” coverage.
Professional and fast claim handling.
Quick quotes, reduced costs, reduced risk.
Simplified claim handling.