06 Jun 2024

Navigating Container Shortages in 2024: Implications for North American Intermodal

The global supply chain is facing an unexpected challenge in 2024: a shortage of containers. Despite the significant capacity added by ocean carriers, recent reports and spot prices indicate that container scarcity is a reality. But what does this mean for North American intermodal transportation, and could it lead to a repeat of the chaos […]

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05 Jun 2024

China’s Trade Surplus: Undervalued Yuan or Something Else?

The debate over China’s manufacturing overcapacity has ignited intense discussions among policymakers. During her trip to China in April, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen raised concerns about the impact of “artificially cheap Chinese products flooding the global market,” questioning the sustainability of foreign firms, echoing similar concerns from a decade ago. Yellen’s observation holds […]

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04 Jun 2024

Deja Vu: Container Shipping Market Faces Repeat of Pandemic Chaos

  The container shipping industry is experiencing a worrying trend – a repeat of the supply chain disruptions that plagued the world during the pandemic. This shortage of ships, coupled with high demand, threatens to send shipping rates soaring and cause significant delays. Unless there’s a quick turnaround, freight rates could skyrocket, potentially reaching a […]

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