25 Jan 2024

Red Sea Disruption: Rerouted Ships, Tighter Markets, but No Global Chaos

The Red Sea disruption to container shipping remains uncertain in terms of duration, according to Drewry Maritime Research. The anticipation is that carriers might not resume Suez Canal transits until the elimination of the risk of attack, a process expected to take months rather than weeks. Despite this, Drewry’s analysis suggests that the impact on […]

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09 Jan 2024

Red Sea on Fire: Houthi Attacks Threaten Global Shipping

  The Red Sea, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, faces unprecedented risks as Houthi rebels launch escalating attacks on commercial vessels. Houthi Motives and the Murky Web of Attacks: The Houthis, backed by Iran, claim their strikes target vessels with Israeli ties. However, experts highlight the indiscriminate nature of attacks, raising concerns about […]

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20 Dec 2023

Canals in Chaos: Suez Attacks and Panama Drought Threaten Global Trade

  Double Trouble: Global supply chains are bracing for a potential “milder version” of the pandemic’s crisis due to disruptions at both the Suez and Panama Canals. Attacks by Houthi militants in the Red Sea have forced shipping companies to reroute vessels, adding 7-10 days to voyages and potentially doubling ocean freight prices. Meanwhile, drought-induced […]

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17 Nov 2023

ILA Warns: East Coast and Gulf Coast Ports Brace for Potential Strike in 2024

  The International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA), the union representing dockworkers on the U.S. East and Gulf coasts, warned members to prepare for a possible coast-wide strike in October 2024. Harold Daggett, the President of the ILA, conveyed this message to the rank-and-file members. He also mentioned that an update on wage negotiations with ocean carriers […]

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08 Nov 2023

Panama Canal Cuts Ship Crossings Further as El Niño-Fueled Drought Worsens

  The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has announced further restrictions on ship crossings, starting February 1, 2024, in response to an intensifying drought that has caused water levels in the canal to reach record lows. The drought, which is being blamed on the El Niño weather pattern, has had a significant impact on global trade, […]

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01 Aug 2023

Third largest LTL carrier Yellow is preparing to file for bankruptcy.

    Yellow, the third-largest U.S. less-than-truckload (LTL) provider, is preparing to file for bankruptcy, according to The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets. The company has been struggling for some time with debts of $1.3 billion and declining revenues and reserves. Yellow Logistics, the company’s 3PL, is up for sale and Yellow is […]

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24 Jul 2023

US Forwarders Face Possible Delays and Disruptions from UPS Strike Action

    US Forwarders Face Possible Supply Chain Disruptions from UPS and Yellow Freight Crises US forwarders are warned to get ready for the impact of possible strike action at UPS, and the financial troubles of Yellow Freight, one of the biggest U.S. LTL trucking companies, which is at risk of going bankrupt. Brandon Fried, […]

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17 Jul 2023

US Forwarders Advised to Prepare for Potential UPS Strike Disruption

Freight forwarders in the United States have been warned to prepare for potential strike action at UPS and the looming insolvency of major trucking firm Yellow Freight. The situation has raised concerns over the impact it may have on supply chains and the flow of goods across the country. Brandon Fried, the executive director of […]

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12 Jul 2023

Retailers Embrace the Power of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the retail industry through its seamless integration of automation, data analysis, and advanced machine learning algorithms. This powerful combination is elevating the customer experience, optimizing business performance, and significantly boosting profits for forward-thinking brands. As leading retailers have already embraced this cutting-edge technology to gain a competitive edge, analysts predict […]

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14 Jun 2023

Impact of Panama Canal Load Restrictions and US Stevedore Strikes on the Global Shipping Sector

As the bustling summer season kicks off, labor disputes have disrupted the flow of shipping in the United States. Members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union have staged protests, resulting in congestion and delays at U.S. West Coast ports, as reported by CNBC. The average wait times for container vessels attempting to enter Los […]

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