01 Feb 2024

Anticipated Shifts in 2024 US Container Import Patterns Aligning with Key Sourcing

The slight shifts in the percentage of containerized imports from China to the United States align with three major trends acknowledged by both the business and geopolitical communities: China Plus One, incremental gains in friendshoring by volume, and an increased reliance on Vietnam and India. To mitigate their dependence on China, US retailers and other […]

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05 Jan 2024

US Mortgage Rates Fall for Ninth Straight Week, Offering Relief in Hot Market

Good news for homebuyers! Mortgage rates have dropped for the ninth consecutive week, providing a glimmer of hope in a housing market that has been tough on wallets since the 1980s. After dipping below 7% for the first time since August in early December, rates continued their downward slide. The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage now […]

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04 Jan 2024

Air Cargo: Navigating Uncertainty with a Glimmer of Opportunity

While the 2024 crystal ball remains cloudy, a glimmer of hope shines for the air cargo industry. Geopolitical turmoil and unpredictable supply chains could create a surge in demand for its reliable services. December saw promising signs: Demand surged 9% year-over-year, partly driven by a weak 2022 comparison. Spot rates climbed to their highest in nine […]

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29 Dec 2023

Trump’s Trade Storm Clouds: Prepare for More Friction if He Returns

Donald Trump’s first term as president was a seismic shift in U.S. trade policy. He launched a tariff war with China, pulled out of major trade agreements, and earned the nickname “Tariff Man.” Now, if he wins re-election, expect the ground to tremble again. Trump’s campaign documents and interviews hint at a second term filled […]

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21 Dec 2023

Outlook 2024 key points from the Global Investment Strategists at J. P. Morgan

Good news! The recession you feared in 2023 may not materialize. While the U.S. economy could slow next year, our experts predict it will avoid a recession. This offers breathing room for your finances and investment decisions. However, a shifting financial landscape demands attention. The key development? Rising bond yields. This impacts markets and your […]

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19 Dec 2023

China’s Foreign Trade Bounces Back, Signaling Positive Future

After months of fluctuating trade activity, China’s exports are finally on the rise. This positive trend, coupled with growing external demand, indicates a promising path ahead for the nation’s foreign trade structure. Shu Jueting, Ministry of Commerce spokesperson, announced the encouraging news at a recent press conference. “China’s export volume, which initially dipped earlier this […]

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18 Dec 2023

Holiday Cheer Boosts U.S. Imports: Retailers Gear Up for Record Season

  Despite mixed economic signals, a wave of optimism is cresting through U.S. retail as stronger-than-expected holiday sales prompt stores to ramp up imports for early 2024. This bullish sentiment has revised import forecasts upwards, painting a picture of a potentially record-breaking festive season. The Global Port Tracker (GPT) is predicting a 11.5% y/y surge […]

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14 Dec 2023

E-Commerce Takes Flight: Airfreight Industry Gear Up for Growth in 2024 and Beyond

Forget the runway, e-commerce is propelling the airfreight industry towards new heights. While overall supply chain growth flatlines in 2024, online shopping’s meteoric rise promises to be the wind beneath its wings. This isn’t just a temporary surge; it’s a fundamental shift in consumer behavior, fueled by a pandemic-born expectation of instant gratification. Next-day delivery? […]

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04 Dec 2023

Biden’s Supply Chain Plan: Missing the Demand Side of the Equation

President Biden’s White House Council on Supply Chain Resilience is a welcome step, but its focus solely on boosting supply misses a crucial element: demand flexibility. A comprehensive approach addressing both sides of the equation is essential for a truly resilient supply chain. The Myopia of Supply-Side Solutions: While Biden’s initiative acknowledges the pandemic’s impact, […]

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