04 Jan 2024

Air Cargo: Navigating Uncertainty with a Glimmer of Opportunity

While the 2024 crystal ball remains cloudy, a glimmer of hope shines for the air cargo industry. Geopolitical turmoil and unpredictable supply chains could create a surge in demand for its reliable services. December saw promising signs: Demand surged 9% year-over-year, partly driven by a weak 2022 comparison. Spot rates climbed to their highest in nine […]

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14 Dec 2023

E-Commerce Takes Flight: Airfreight Industry Gear Up for Growth in 2024 and Beyond

Forget the runway, e-commerce is propelling the airfreight industry towards new heights. While overall supply chain growth flatlines in 2024, online shopping’s meteoric rise promises to be the wind beneath its wings. This isn’t just a temporary surge; it’s a fundamental shift in consumer behavior, fueled by a pandemic-born expectation of instant gratification. Next-day delivery? […]

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30 Nov 2023

World’s First Cargo Drone Interline Agreement

In a groundbreaking move, Dronamics, the pioneering cargo drone airline, has partnered with Qatar Airways Cargo, the world’s leading international cargo carrier, to establish the first-ever interline agreement between an international airline and a cargo drone airline. This landmark collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of air cargo transportation, paving the way for […]

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29 Nov 2023

Air Cargo Market Expected to Stabilize in 2024, but Potential Disruptions Remain

After several years of volatility, the air cargo market is anticipated to stabilize in 2024, with a return to “classic seasonality.” However, industry experts caution that unforeseen events could still cause turbulence. Data provider Xeneta projects modest growth of 1-2% for air cargo volumes in 2024, while supply is expected to increase at a slightly […]

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28 Nov 2023

Aviation Industry Sets Ambitious Goal of 5% Carbon Emission Reduction by 2030

In a landmark decision, member countries of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have pledged to collectively reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from aviation by 5% compared to current fossil fuel levels by 2030. This ambitious target forms part of a broader “collective vision” for a sustainable aviation future, encompassing harmonized regulatory frameworks, implementation support […]

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16 Nov 2023

Air Cargo Seen Gaining Edge as Ocean Shipping Faces Reliability Issues in 2024

    Air cargo is poised to benefit from a potential decline in ocean shipping reliability in 2024 as the industry grapples with the implications of changes to antitrust regulations. Xeneta chief airfreight officer Niall van de Wouw, speaking at the TIACA executive summit, highlighted the key factors shippers consider when choosing between air and […]

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13 Nov 2023

Air Cargo Demand Outlook for 2024: A Mixed Bag

  The outlook for air cargo demand in 2024 remains uncertain, with industry experts offering a range of projections from flat growth to moderate increases. While there is some optimism that demand could recover from its current slump, ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainties cloud the picture. At the Tiaca Executive Summit event, Rogier Blocq of […]

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03 Nov 2023

Air Cargo in the Evolving Logistics Landscape

  The logistics industry is undergoing significant changes, with trade flows shifting and the structure of e-commerce evolving. However, air cargo is still well-positioned to play a vital role. In the US market, Laredo on the US-Mexico border has surpassed the Port of Los Angeles as the biggest gateway for imports for the eighth consecutive […]

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02 Nov 2023

Air Cargo Peak Season Boost Fades

Air cargo demand hopes for a late-year surge faded in October, with data showing only a slight increase in demand. Xeneta, a data provider, reports that air cargo demand rose 2% in October compared to September, which it describes as “sub-seasonal” compared to the previous five years. General air cargo spot market rates also increased […]

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