05 Jun 2024

China’s Trade Surplus: Undervalued Yuan or Something Else?

The debate over China’s manufacturing overcapacity has ignited intense discussions among policymakers. During her trip to China in April, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen raised concerns about the impact of “artificially cheap Chinese products flooding the global market,” questioning the sustainability of foreign firms, echoing similar concerns from a decade ago. Yellen’s observation holds […]

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01 Feb 2024

Anticipated Shifts in 2024 US Container Import Patterns Aligning with Key Sourcing

The slight shifts in the percentage of containerized imports from China to the United States align with three major trends acknowledged by both the business and geopolitical communities: China Plus One, incremental gains in friendshoring by volume, and an increased reliance on Vietnam and India. To mitigate their dependence on China, US retailers and other […]

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29 Dec 2023

Trump’s Trade Storm Clouds: Prepare for More Friction if He Returns

Donald Trump’s first term as president was a seismic shift in U.S. trade policy. He launched a tariff war with China, pulled out of major trade agreements, and earned the nickname “Tariff Man.” Now, if he wins re-election, expect the ground to tremble again. Trump’s campaign documents and interviews hint at a second term filled […]

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19 Dec 2023

China’s Foreign Trade Bounces Back, Signaling Positive Future

After months of fluctuating trade activity, China’s exports are finally on the rise. This positive trend, coupled with growing external demand, indicates a promising path ahead for the nation’s foreign trade structure. Shu Jueting, Ministry of Commerce spokesperson, announced the encouraging news at a recent press conference. “China’s export volume, which initially dipped earlier this […]

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01 Dec 2023

America’s Tech Leadership at Risk: A Call for Renewed Commitment

America’s once-unquestioned dominance in technological innovation is facing a serious challenge. The recent withdrawal of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) from key digital trade proposals at the World Trade Organization raises alarming questions about our commitment to maintaining this leadership position. This decision is not just a missed economic opportunity; it’s a strategic blunder with […]

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14 Nov 2023

China’s Economy Faces Continued Deflationary Pressures

  China’s consumer prices remain stagnant and factory-gate prices continue to decline, indicating persistent deflationary pressures in the world’s second-largest economy. The consumer price index (CPI) remained unchanged in September from a year earlier, falling short of the expected 0.2% gain. Core inflation, excluding food and fuel prices, held steady at 0.8%. The producer price […]

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06 Nov 2023

Container Freight Rates Expected to Fall in November

After four weeks of gains, spot container freight rates are expected to decline in November, as shipping lines continue to add capacity despite weak demand. The Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI) closed on 3 November with Transpacific rates still up, but Shanghai-North Europe rates had already begun to retreat. This is due to carriers adding […]

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23 Oct 2023

Container Shipping Market Forecast for 2024

A recent report by analyst Maritime Strategies International (MSI) predicts a positive outlook for container carriers operating between Asia and North Europe in 2024. The report cites emerging signs of a demand recovery in the medium term, as inventories are replenished. The Trans-Pacific route is expected to experience healthy growth in the upcoming year, while […]

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