05 May 2023

Exploring Seaweed’s Potential as an Affordable and Rapid Climate Change Solution

  Seaweed, with its vibrant hues of purples, golds, and greens, is garnering attention as a potential game-changer in the fight against climate change. Startups are touting its diverse benefits, including carbon absorption, mitigation of methane emissions from cattle, biofuel production, and global food security. Varieties like sugar kelp, sea lettuce, dulse, bladderwrack, and Irish […]

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01 May 2023

Analyst predicts potential bottleneck in battery supply chain by 2025.

  According to Mike Dean, an automotive equity research analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, the supply of lithium batteries for electric vehicle (EV) production could face a bottleneck starting in 2025. The growing demand for EVs, fueled by consumer interest and government incentives, is expected to surpass the available capacity for battery production. Dean highlighted that […]

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25 Apr 2023

Top 10 sustainable consumer research findings

What retailers need to know about consumer interest in sustainability. Earth Day always brings additional attention to consumer interest in sustainability. Here are 10 consumer-focused sustainability research findings all retailers should know. Consumers care about sustainability Seventy-eight percent of consumers claim a sustainable lifestyle is important and 30% of consumers are more likely to purchase […]

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05 Feb 2023

Blue economy: saving the oceans

  Oceans play a critical role in regulating global climate, supplying oxygen to the atmosphere, hosting various species of marine life and providing food for millions of people. Absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, the oceans are also vital for reducing global warming, while they are vital for the very existence of shipping. At the same […]

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