04 Jun 2024

Deja Vu: Container Shipping Market Faces Repeat of Pandemic Chaos

  The container shipping industry is experiencing a worrying trend – a repeat of the supply chain disruptions that plagued the world during the pandemic. This shortage of ships, coupled with high demand, threatens to send shipping rates soaring and cause significant delays. Unless there’s a quick turnaround, freight rates could skyrocket, potentially reaching a […]

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05 Jan 2024

US Mortgage Rates Fall for Ninth Straight Week, Offering Relief in Hot Market

Good news for homebuyers! Mortgage rates have dropped for the ninth consecutive week, providing a glimmer of hope in a housing market that has been tough on wallets since the 1980s. After dipping below 7% for the first time since August in early December, rates continued their downward slide. The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage now […]

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29 Dec 2023

Trump’s Trade Storm Clouds: Prepare for More Friction if He Returns

Donald Trump’s first term as president was a seismic shift in U.S. trade policy. He launched a tariff war with China, pulled out of major trade agreements, and earned the nickname “Tariff Man.” Now, if he wins re-election, expect the ground to tremble again. Trump’s campaign documents and interviews hint at a second term filled […]

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15 Dec 2023

Switzerland Says Sayonara to Tariffs: Cheaper Clothes, Cautious Optimism

Switzerland, known for its delicious cheese and pricey price tags, is making a bold move against its notorious high cost of living by ditching most industrial tariffs starting in January. This means 95% of imports (up from 81%) will cruise into the country duty-free, potentially translating to cheaper cars, appliances, and clothes. But wait, there’s […]

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14 Nov 2023

China’s Economy Faces Continued Deflationary Pressures

  China’s consumer prices remain stagnant and factory-gate prices continue to decline, indicating persistent deflationary pressures in the world’s second-largest economy. The consumer price index (CPI) remained unchanged in September from a year earlier, falling short of the expected 0.2% gain. Core inflation, excluding food and fuel prices, held steady at 0.8%. The producer price […]

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30 Aug 2023

U.S. Economy Shows Signs of Recovery as Inflation Cools and GDP Grows

  Recent Inflation Developments The Federal Reserve’s Strategy to Tame Inflation The Federal Reserve is making progress in its efforts to tame inflation. Headline inflation has slowed from its peak of 8.9% in June 2022 to 3.3% in July 2023. This deceleration has been driven by lower food and energy prices. Core inflation, which excludes […]

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18 Jan 2023

High Supply-Chain Costs are Receding; Tracking Inventory on the Shelf

  Consumer prices that took off last year are starting to flatten out as a wave of rising supply-chain costs starts to retreat. The WSJ’s Sarah Nassauer, Suzanne Kapner and Nick Timiraos report the trends on store shelves may be another sign that inflation is starting to turn a corner. Many companies raised their prices […]

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