Lars Jensen, founder and CEO of Vespucci Maritime, has warned that shippers can expect to face carbon surcharges and fewer direct services from carriers in the second half of 2023, as carrier network adjustments to reduce the cost impact of Emissions Trading System (ETS) are implemented.

Speaking at the TPM23 conference in Long Beach, Jensen stated that although ETS will be gradually introduced until 2026, the current rule provides carriers with a “strong incentive” to modify their networks by adding port calls, with the resulting costs being passed on to shippers.

Maersk was the only carrier to provide an estimate of the carbon surcharges that will be implemented, making it difficult to predict exact figures.

Jensen advised shippers negotiating contracts into European Union countries to consider these carbon surcharges in their negotiations.

Jensen also noted that the UK, no longer a part of the EU, will not be covered by the ETS legislation.


Source: Source: Journal of Commerce